How Putting Content on the Back Burner Impacts the User Experience.

Red brick wall with a car parked in front of it. Text on the brick wall is black stencil grafitti that reads, “Until debt tear us apart” in all caps.

Think about a library book you want to borrow. How easy it is to look up the book, to find it on the shelf, and take it home.

How easy it is to return it.

Now imagine you’re in the most disorganized library in the world. The online catalogue can’t…

white background with an arrow pointing right etched into background.

Elegant design is at the forefront of Square products. Now, we’re
taking another look at how our designs interact with the content inside.

Note: I originally wrote this story for the Square Design Blog, where you can read this, and other stories from Square creatives working in Design, Content, and User Experience.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of design? Wireframes? White space?


Our modern-day user…

Laurah Mwirichia

Content Designer @Square by day | Plant mom by night 🌵

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